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Social Norms Part 1

In our post Women at the Top we discussed the social norms, or unwritten rules, that shape gender relations in society, and ultimately affect women’s possibilities to succeed with what they do. These norms are strengthened through what we learn in school, how we are raised at home and what we see and hear through media. Miss Representation is an organization and movement working to change the way media present women.

Here is the trailer to the documentary film that Miss Representation has created.

When seeing this trailer I started some discussions on Twitter and Facebook on the subject. Should women confine to these norms? Are we of less value, are we less capable, and is it our right to be abused? In these discussions there seemed to be a strong view that we need to continue to push this movement forward, to highlight the strengths of being a woman, and in doing so we must also give light to the positive changes in our societies.

How does the media portray women in your country? Do you have an example of social norms that have been overcome in your society? Is there a woman or man who has, by example, been able to break down destructive gender roles?

Share your stories with us to push the Girls’ Globe movement forward.

How do you want media to present women? How do YOU want to be presented? Join the Represent Us Campaign on Miss Representation and put pressure on the media to give a different picture.


  1. Emma says

    So interesting! Thanks Girl’s Globe for all important issues that you are discussing!

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