Month: April 2012

Quote #5

Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. In his literature and studies he continuously emphasizes the importance of empowering women to reach sustainable development. He also highlights the many positive spill-over effects, in society and in individual households, of empowering women. Note: The featured image to this post is taken from the Official Website of the Nobel Prize, where you can read Sen’s own autobiography.

Quote #4

Today, April 5, Melinda Gates is convening a TEDxChange event in Berlin, an initiative by TED and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Be sure to check out the live stream from the event and be inspired. Because, although you may feel small or stressed by today’s economic climate or not knowledgeable enough or not in the right job, Girls’ Globe thinks you will be inspired by the fact that we are all empowered to save lives. This quote was taken from the following tweet: @GirlsGlobe Thank you for spreading the word about the risks of pregnancy and childbirth & that we are all empowered to save lives. — Melinda Gates (@melindagates) March 16, 2012

The Avoidable Crisis

We would like to share an infographic that we came across from Doctors Without Borders. They work with providing emergency obstetric care, in all circumstances. Women are even more vulnerable in conflict stuck areas or during a natural disaster. Still, Doctors Without Borders state what we have said many times before: death during pregnancy and childbirth is preventable. They call in The Avoidable Crisis. See their stats below. We think it is quite telling as it is. The featured image to this post is taken from The Big Picture’s “World Population: 7 Billion.”