Month: June 2012

Elizabeth Jessop (left), First Lady of Mexico, Margarita Zavala, and Priyanka Roychoudary, Indian Delegate (right)

From the G(irls)20 Summit

Author of this post is Elisabeth Jessop, the U.S: Delegate at the G(irks) 20 Summit.  I’m number 4,541. What’s your number? There are 3.5 billion women and girls in the world…and therefore, 3.5 billion ways to change the world. And I will be the change. I will be an advocate and an inspiration to girls and women around the world. In about three weeks, the G20 summit will take place in Mexico where the world’s most influential leaders will make important decisions regarding economic investment and policy that affects women and girls. The G(irls)20 Summit brings together one girl, aged 18 to 20, from each G20 country and one girl from the African Union, to discuss the economic impact women and girls have on the global economy. On the agenda this year, the summit focused on food security and violence against women in terms of opportunity gained and lost. The formal presentation of the G(irls)20 Summit concluded on May 29 after two full days of presentations by some of the most passionate, inspirational women and men, who spend …