Month: July 2012


Contraception: Is it Controversial?

These are the key facts that WHO has published in their media centre about family planning: An estimated 222 million women in developing countries would like to delay or stop childbearing but are not using any method of contraception. Some family planning methods help prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Family planning reduces the need for unsafe abortion. Family planning reinforces people’s rights to determine the number and spacing of their children. Yet, contraception, a key tool for family planning, remains controversial. Melinda Gates speaks about this in her TED Talk: The Gates Foundation and several other international organizations and donor countries want to make a change to this. The Family Planning Summit in London took place on the World Population Day, Wednesday, 11 July, 2012. The objectives of this summit were to: Revitalize global commitments to family planning and access to contraceptives as a cost-effective and transformational development priority Improve the access and distribution of contraceptive supplies Remove and reduce barriers to family planning During the summit participants, both developing countries, …