Month: October 2012

Malala protestors

I am Malala, You are Malala

By now many of you are probably familiar with the story of the 15-year old Pakistani school girl and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai. At the age of 11, Malala did the unthinkable, she spoke out very publicly in a diary blog featured on BBC criticizing the Taliban’s repressive policy against educating girls. For this, Malala and a fellow schoolgirl were gunned down as they left school on October 9th. Malala and her friend’s pain were not in vain. It’s incredible the level of reactions to Malala. For an extremist group that is so against giving rights to women, they sure are giving this young girl plenty consideration and ample attention. It’s obvious by their retaliation that her words struck a chord amongst the group, and they felt threatened. Conversely, support of Malala has poured in from all corners of the world and condemnation against the Taliban has been severe. World leaders, country governments, activist-minded celebrities, everyday people have been inspired by Malala’s story and the ensuing violent act. New life has been breathed into …


Let Girls be Girls, not Brides

“If we succeed in empowering girls, we will succeed in everything else,” – Desmond Tutu Girls should be allowed to be girls, allowed to play, allowed to laugh, allowed to go to school. All children should have this possibility. Let us not only mark our calendars today, the first International Day of the Girl Child, but let us mobilize ourselves into action. No girl should be married off against her will and be neglected the possibility to go to school. No girl should be violated the way a child bride is violated. A first step is to join the ongoing campaign to end child marriage through Too Young To Wed. Raise awareness and advocate for change. What will you do? Featured images from

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International Day of the Girl

If October 1st and 2nd’s premiere of ‘Half the Sky’ pumped you up about all things women and girls you’re in luck, the celebration isn’t over. October 11th is the very 1st ever United Nations International Day of the Girl. This day is intended to raise awareness, educate and generate discussion and action about advancing the lives of girls and highlighting opportunities. The idea behind having an international day devoted to girls started at the 2011 UN General Assembly where the UN General Assembly Resolution on the International Day of the Girl Child was created. Since this resolution passed, organizations around the world focused on Organizations around the world, like School Girls Unite (an organization of young female students and leaders with a mind towards advancing the MDG) and Plan International (an organization focused on children’s development who’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ initiative inspired the UN resolution), have rallied to make this day something special. supporting gender equality, education and women rallied to make this day happen in a big way. So why is …


The Facts about Abortions

47,000 women die each year due to unsafe abortions. The Guttmacher Institute recently released this new video about abortion, using the facts found in their many years of research. Abortion is a very sensitive subject, and in many countries it is illegal. Still, 40 million abortions will be taking place this year alone, most of which will  be unsafe and have a horrific impact on the women’s lives. But isn’t the silence around this subject DEADLY? We want to encourage dialogue, discussion and an openness around the subject of abortion. What do you say? Let your voice be heard in the comments field below. The featured image for this post is Pro-Abortionist Bill Baird, demonstrating outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York in 1984. (AP/David Pickoff)


Violence Against Women

Yesterday I got an email from my parents, who are currently travelling in the colorful and beautiful country of India. My mother writes about how they witnessed a horrifying event. They saw a man beat a poor, young woman, probably his wife, on the street in front of a luxury hotel in a big city. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her 20 meters down the street as she was lying on the ground. My father tried to stop the man, who was brutal and incredibly violent. The man continued to kick and stomp on the woman, until the police finally stepped in and harshly got the man to the ground, also with fierce violence. The couple’s little boy was screaming and crying at the side of the incident. He wasn’t more than three years old and was comforted by an older woman, whom he didn’t know. This is a dreadful story. When I read my mother’s email I was struck by how it affected me physically. My heart started to ache. We must …

Girls' School

Prioritizing Women and Girls in Ghana

Ghana is among the countries with National elections scheduled for later this year.  Having been in the country working on a Gender-related project for the past seven months, my natural inclination has been to look for how Candidates are addressing the particular needs of women and girls in their party manifestos. What I have noticed is a lot of rhetoric about addressing women’s issues and promoting gender equality, but without the same concrete plans of action that accompany promises of improving the economy and addressing issues impacting youth. Creating a Women’s Manifesto for Ghana In 2003, the Women’s Manifesto for Ghana, spearheaded by the Regional Office of West Africa for ABANTU for Development aimed to address the lack of women’s representation in Ghanaian politics and consequently the failure to give due attention to the needs of women and girls. ABANTU uses outreach, training and advocacy to equip women with the tools needed to access leadership positions, participate in national development processes and make women’s rights a mainstay of national policymaking. Source Since 2003, the Manifesto along with ABANTU’s advocacy …


Read All About It!

Girls Globe is expanding and we are happy to share our third newsletter after a break during the summer. We are now a team of 5 incredible bloggers and advocates, who are passionate about making a difference to women and girls around the world. We have big plans for the future and in the coming months Girls’ Globe will be travelling and an exciting journey lies ahead. Do follow our blog to stay updated and posted about our work. We want to have an impact and make a change for women and girls around the world. We want to advocate for equal rights and wellbeing of all girls and women, and we want to encourage and promote grassroots organizations making a difference in the field. YOU can help us do it! Help us expand our reach through social media! Our aim is to have 500 likes on Facebook and 800 followers on Twitter before the end of 2012. With your help we can reach our goal. Love from us, The Girls Globe Team P.S. Don’t miss our …