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New Action for Women’s Rights Forum

Around the world, women’s and girls’ rights are often marginalized and a neglected piece of most political, economic and social agendas. For many women and girls, abuse and discrimination is the norm. The Nordic Countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland – are known for their emerging leaders in the fight for women’s rights and gender equality. However, despite the region’s progress in promoting women’s rights and gender equality, women continue to experience gender-based discrimination in relation to low wages, threats of violence and discrimination in the work place.

Today a historical convening, the  Nordiskt Forum Malmö – New Action for Women’s Rights, begins in Malmo, Sweden. The Nordic Forum is an action response to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which emerged from the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. The 1995 Beijing Platform was a bold step forward towards realizing the rights of women and girls and making gender equality a reality – but since then, there has been no new global gathering or forum alike to the World Conference on Women to specifically address women’s rights.  The Nordic Forum is a feminist movement and call to action to mobilize individuals both in the Nordic region and around the world to ensure that the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action are not only left as meaningless documents, but turned into concrete, measurable action and results for women and girls around the world.

Our vision is that gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other grounds of discrimination should not limit our dreams, ambitions and life choices, but that we should all be met with respect.

This week, Girls’ Globe is in Malmo and will participate in the Forum’s events. We look forward to joining the global conversation for women’s rights through writing engaging blog posts, interviewing participants and providing live social media coverage.

Join the conversation!

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