Maternal and Newborn Health
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The Road to PMNCH

For many women, the path to motherhood is a tumultuous journey. Women, girls and children around the world suffer from preventable complications, travel long distances, endure unnecessary trauma and often lack the care they need to deliver healthy babies. For adolescent girls, the journey begins even earlier with nearly 16 million girls between the ages of 15-19 giving birth annually. In many countries, young girls are forced to mature and have children before they are physically, emotionally and mentally able to handle the process.

Fortunately, along this road, there are women, girls, men, boys, individuals, activists and organizations working tirelessly to improve the pathway for maternal, child and newborn health. The availability and access to education, healthcare, trained medical professionals and quality services is crucial to improving the health and well-being of women, girls, children and families.

Governments, leaders, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, grassroots initiatives and others must all work together to make sure that women and children have the care they need.

Girls’ Globe invites you to take a journey with leaders, government officials, policy makers, organizations and youth activists. This week, join Girls’ Globe as we report live from the Partners Forum in Johanessburg, South Africa. The Partnership (PMNCH) rallies the international community to make and hold commitments to improve the lives of women, children and families around the world. PMNCH is an alliance of over 500 members across research, academia, health professionals, donors, non-governmental organizations, partner countries and the private sector. During this week, Girls’ Globe will engage young people in the global conversation for sexual and reproductive health as well as maternal, newborn and child health. Several reports will be launched including the Every Newborn Action Plan, Countdown to 2015, and the Success Factors report. Stay tuned for live Google + Hangouts, engaging blog posts, Instagram interviews and more!

Girls' Globe speaks with young women around town in Johannesburg on maternal & newborn health! #PMNCHLive

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Cover Photo Credit: Stephan Von Malortie, Girls’ Globe Flickr

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