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Periods Change Lives: Just a girl – yet a woman now

An original poem Written by Chandiru Barbra – Mackay Memorial College Nateete

She was just a girl

With the simplicity

And naivity of childhood

The world too friendly

All faces smiling at her

Never afraid of rising

For shoulders were provided for her

Never afraid of falling

For her dreams seemed too clear

She was just a girl


Whose mother was never open to her

Her face full of innocence

All realities of life seemed a mystery

Her generality admired by all

Some genuine and others lustful

But she was never afraid

Bred and protected by love

Until the day


The day every one laughs

Scared and terrified she cries

Giggling and booing by people

People she once adored

What on earth is wrong?

Her beautiful dress

Stained …

Stained with blood.

“What on earth is wrong?”


Rushing to the bathroom

She not hurt

Yet the blood still flows

All her friends laugh

She screams but does not know why

“Is this so normal?”


Yes it is

Part of growing up

Is learning to solve problems

The mystery revealed

But its too painful.


Stop behaving like it’s too scared

Why laugh.

Is it funny??

Act without hesitation.

Keep your hygiene perfect

So you can have a good health

Because it’s normal

Do not be just a Girl


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