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Meet Wynter Oshiberu – Girls’ Globe Blogger from USA

Wynter Oshiberu has had a deep curiosity for languages and cultures from a very young age, and as she grew older her curiosity has blossomed into an appreciation for the mutual interests that individuals from various backgrounds share. Her recommendations for global leaders is to make quality education available for everyone and to put women and girls at the forefront of their decisions.

These interests developed into her passions, thus she has earned a degree in International Affairs from George Washington University; and, she has worked with researchers, academics and thought leaders on various topics pertaining to the well-being and advancement of marginalized communities. She is most passionate about promoting and ensuring quality education for women and girls, especially in lower socio-economic settings and post conflict regions. As an avid language and education enthusiast, she has continued to augment her language skills by studying Arabic, teaching ESOL and completing her TESOL certificate at Georgetown University. She believes that educational and technological advancements will contribute to innovative solutions for a broad range of societal and global issues.

She is currently serving on the Washington D.C. Regional Board for Indego Africa, an organization that partners with local women artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to provide leadership and educational training.

Follow Wynter on Twitter: @wyntawanderland

Featured image photo credit: Zayira Ray / Girls’ Globe

Video credit: Creative Director // Kimberly Graf, Film Director // Tiffany Jackman, Director of Photography / Editing // Skyler Whitehead, Whirlwind Productions LLC


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  2. As an African girl ,I grow up in a society that believes that the only education suitable for girls is how to cook, wash ,clean, take care of children and are taught to be submissive to the opposite gender, i strongly feel the need for women empowerment to be prioritized in every country more specifically African continent were girls are still deprived the opportunity to go to school and are told to stay home and help mothers with house chores, look after their siblings while their, brothers are encouraged to study hard in Oder to be successful.

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