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Help Fund Girls’ Globe Bloggers’ Documentary on Maternal Health in Indonesia

Did you know that 800 mothers die every day during child labour? That 3 million children are stillborn every year? And that 3000 newborns die every day? Anna and Tilde, high school students and bloggers, want to make a change for the case of maternal health. Let us introduce Project Let’s Talk Equality.

Through a course in social entrepreneurship, and a burning passion for gender equality and maternal health, we wanted to take the opportunity to do something about the current midwife crisis. Let’s Talk Equality serves to expand the conversation on maternal health. It’s important to get more grassroots movements involved, to fight for girls and women, and to inspire others to make a change. We can’t have an equal world without improving the situation for mothers, and in order to make a change we need more volunteers and grassroots movements that care deeply about these issues.

Therefore, we met up with one of these important organisations during the United Nations General Assembly Week in New York City – the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA). They work on a daily basis with improving access to maternal health services and human rights. Their organisation in Indonesia is completely volunteer based. These people dedicate their lives to their work, because they have realised the importance of supporting mothers and families. They do amazing work in their Alert Villages, where they educate people to understand the great importance of maternal health. That is why we decided that we wanted to help this organisation to be heard.

The aim of our project is to visit the White Ribbon Alliance in Jakarta in February 2017, to document the important work that the volunteers are doing and to produce a documentary series in three parts. The documentary will contain interviews with midwives, the head coordinator of the organisation and images from their alert villages. The documentary series will be published here on Girls’ Globe.

To be able to do this, we need YOUR help. We have started a crowdfunding campaign – enabling you to help fund our project.

By funding our project, you help raise awareness of the current maternal health crisis and the situation for mothers in Indonesia, as well as, empowering the volunteers of the White Ribbon Alliance and inspire more people to take action for safe motherhood. As a thank you for your contribution, you can claim one of our perks, so don’t forget to check them all out!

We are aware that not everyone is able to donate, but don’t worry, there are more ways you can support our project! By sharing our crowdfunding campaign you help spread the word. Who knows, maybe you have someone in your network that’s willing to donate to our campaign. Also, you can follow our journey both here on Girls’ Globe, and through our Facebook page.

Tilde and I are both very excited and hope to get more people involved in the conversation regarding maternal health worldwide. One single person can’t do everything, but together we all can do something. Let’s get together for moms and Let’s Talk Equality!


Anna is a girl with big dreams. Ever since a young age, Anna has cared about human rights, with the main focus on trying to improve gender equality. Girls’ Globe is the platform that makes it possible for Anna to discuss the subjects that matters the most to her. Anna is currently studying Social Sciences, with extra focus on international relations, at ProCivitas Gymnasium in Helsingborg, Sweden. In the future, Anna is hoping to get a bachelors degree in Psychology, as well as to continue her commitments as a hobby activist.


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  3. Your project reminds me of my friend’s, Emma Rodriguez, short documentary and involvement in the “Parir en Libertad” (“Freedom to give birth”) movement here in Mexico. I’d recommend you to have a look at the documentary she and her team made last year and maybe you could all get together to do something bigger.

    Surely what’s happening in Indonesia, what you will discover there and what you will learn can be shared with those in Mexico and vice-versa.
    I hope you find it interesting and I wish you good luck on your endeavours!

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