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What Would You Say to Your 19-Year-Old Self?

There are moments in life when you simply need to remind yourself that you are enough. In order to do that, you have to have enough self confidence to come up with the words that are both comforting and inspiring.

I’ve been told that nothing is impossible, but also that certain things aren’t meant for me. I’ve been told to follow my heart, but also to always be mindful of others. I’ve been told to say what I really want and to move in that direction, but also to move with caution.

I’ve been told many conflicting things, but I am finding out that the most important words come from within. What do I tell myself when I am not sure of the next step, or when I am scared to articulate my thoughts and turn them into actions? I tell myself to move. Just move. Take a step, and move. Be bold.

Forget your failures and mistakes because they are over. Sometimes we have to fail over and over until our failures are no longer setbacks; they simply push us closer to our goals.

Ask yourself…what are my goals and for how long am I willing to pursue them?

It took me many years to invest in myself and to appreciate my own value. But once I knew my own worth there were no more excuses. I don’t have many profound words of wisdom or a wonderful magic toolbox to fix every unforeseeable problem. But if I could sit down with my 19-year-old self, I would tell her how special she is and that there is no need to be so unsure. I would tell her to just be selfish.

Be selfish, know your worth and love yourself. Wait for no one to validate you, just make sure you have your own stamp of approval.  Stop hesitating and move boldly towards your goals. The world is your drawing board so dream big, hold on tight to those dreams and pursue your passions with unwavering focus and perseverance.

Most importantly, I would tell her: “Some things aren’t that serious. Just smile!”

If you could sit down with your 19-year-old self today what advice would you give?

Cover photo credit: Wynter Oshiberu 

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