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Russian Mail Order Brides also known as Human Trafficking

While scrolling through the internet it’s impossible to not come across ads. One particular message that consistently appears, and is joked about, is the concept of a “Russian Mail-Order Bride.” Even when googling Russian phrases the ads that appear read along the lines of, “Beautiful

India: Forced Labor and Trafficking

In India, behind closed doors, there are little girls who experience violence every day. They are given little nutrition, kept out of school and forced to work with little or no wage. They are abused and exploited on a daily basis. Girls are taken from

Human Trafficking in America’s Backyard

Human trafficking occurs in every corner of the globe from the southernmost foothills of Patagonia to the northernmost region of Siberia. Human trafficking is an egregious violation of human rights – one that often strips its victims of self-worth only to refill them with fear,

2013 US Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP)

The 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) was released yesterday by the US State Department. The TIP report exists to highlight the issue of modern day slavery and rank individual countries progress in combating the issue. The State Department places each country onto a tier.

Part 2: The link between trafficking and prostitution in Sweden

The national organization for women’s and girls’ aid in Sweden (ROKS) criticizes today’s politicians for not seeing the connection between trafficking and prostitution. Some Swedish politicians claim the following: that women in trafficking are victims, whilst women who are commercial sex workers do so voluntarily. I believe

Google+ Hangout with Nicholas, Somaly and Rachel to discuss Slavery and Sex Trafficking

Thank you for following our Google+ hangout with @NickKristof, @GEMSGIRLS' @rachelgems2, @SomalyMam & @FreedomCenter's @lukeblocher! — SOF: Social Good (@SOFsocialgood) January 10, 2013 Today some of us at Girls’ Globe joined the Google+ Hangout with New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof, GEMS founder Rachel Lloyd and Cambodian

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