Author: Anna Hasselgren


Help Fund Girls’ Globe Bloggers’ Documentary on Maternal Health in Indonesia

Did you know that 800 mothers die every day during child labour? That 3 million children are stillborn every year? And that 3000 newborns die every day? Anna and Tilde, high school students and bloggers, want to make a change for the case of maternal health. Let us introduce Project Let’s Talk Equality. Through a course in social entrepreneurship, and a burning passion for gender equality and maternal health, we wanted to take the opportunity to do something about the current midwife crisis. Let’s Talk Equality serves to expand the conversation on maternal health. It’s important to get more grassroots movements involved, to fight for girls and women, and to inspire others to make a change. We can’t have an equal world without improving the situation for mothers, and in order to make a change we need more volunteers and grassroots movements that care deeply about these issues. Therefore, we met up with one of these important organisations during the United Nations General Assembly Week in New York City – the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA). They work on a …


The Fine Art of Learning to Love Yourself

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an interesting picture while scrolling through my Facebook page. The words ”You have to love yourself before anyone else can take the role of loving you” were written in large letters. The quote really got to me and for a moment I actually felt an ounce of despair. Is it really not possible for anyone else to love me if I do not completely love myself first? The first thing that came to my mind was the definition of the words ”loving yourself”. Does it mean that you should put yourself first or is it more about self-confidence? In Sweden we sometimes talk about putting ourselves in “the first room”, but in English I guess you would refer to it as putting yourself first. Often when talked about, the first room is something good and an absolutely necessary thing to do to improve your personal welfare. When applying Cognitive Egoism to your life, you allow yourself to do things that bring happiness to your daily life. ”By making yourself the first priority, especially by doing things that makes …