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The One-Child Policy: How Ending It Affects Sex Imbalance in China

By Beverly Hill, Founder & President of the Gendercide Awareness Project By terminating the one-child-only policy, China enacted one of two measures needed to correct its most acute women’s problem — the strong preference for male offspring that has led to highly abnormal sex ratios. The second measure — committing resources to boost the status of women and enforce anti-discrimination laws — has yet to be implemented. Without this second plank, China’s sex ratio will improve but almost certainly fail to normalize. Earlier this month, China hosted a United Nations summit to improve the status of women worldwide, indicating its desire to lead in women’s rights. Hopefully, China will honor its rhetoric with strong support for women at home. The new initiatives invite an assessment of China’s efforts to reduce its sex imbalance. In 2011, the United Nations Population Fund reported that ten percent of the female population in China is demographically “missing,” and that fourteen percent of girls aged zero to twenty are missing. This news came in the context of a determination that, …

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Gendercide Awareness Project Tackles Global Sex Imbalance

The Gendercide Awareness Project, called Gendap for short, deals with the loss of female life in large parts of the world due to: sex-selective abortion female infanticide gross neglect of girls maternal death that is entirely preventable the inability of older women to access food and shelter We call this “gendercide.”  The United Nations Population Fund estimates that currently 117 million women are “missing” in the world due to these causes. That’s more deaths than World Wars I and II combined. In China, 10% of the female population is missing; in India, 7%. Arguably, gendercide is the largest atrocity the world has seen, yet so few of us know about it. Why are we so unaware?  Gendercide passes under our radar because it does not occur as a single, explosive act of violence.  Instead, gendercide is a silent and ongoing attrition. It occurs in the privacy of the family against a completely voiceless victim. Sex imbalances lead to social problems The status of women does not improve when females are in short supply.  In fact, …