Author: girlpridecircle


Girls and Sport: Bridging the Gap

In the highly rewarding journey of asserting girls rights and empowering girls, everything counts. Thus, it is unacceptable that “Sport” is often overlooked in strategic frameworks and programmatic engagements, as a cross-cutting developmental platform for girls. Against the backdrop of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada, there cannot be a better time to advocate for more girls to appear on the field in order to discover their potentials and enhance groundbreaking performance off the field. Many individuals who participate in active sports, struggle to express the incredible feeling that envelopes them when they win. Whether it is scoring an unexpected goal, making a formidable pass or completing a challenging marathon, the “can do it” attitude that accompanies optimum participation in sport is indeed one of a kind. This is in addition to the innumerable physical, mental and health dividends of sporting. Despite the game-changing nature of sport, it is interesting that girls and sport are rarely mentioned within the same context. Backed by age-long socio-cultural stereotypes, many girls who manifest keen interest in …