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Huru Girls

Huru International: Empowering Girls. Period.

The Huru International team arrived mid-afternoon at Gatie Primary School in Kenya’s Gatundo North, where our matatu was quickly surrounded by curious and welcoming school children and administrators.  Preparing for today’s Huru Kit Distribution, we were led to an upstairs classroom and watched from the narrow balcony as girls from nearby schools began to arrive.  They appeared from the road in close-knit flocks, donning their school uniforms; many brought their own chairs to ensure a place to sit. Once all the girls arrived, we gathered in a large classroom to begin an educational session.  The space was simple with no electricity, the floor made from packed-earth, sunlight poured in through spots where the tin roof and clay walls were not quite joined.  A few small windows dotted the room, which was filled with hand-made wooden desks and benches. Huru had carefully pre-assessed the needs of school girls in this region of Kenya’s countryside, and the classroom is now filled with nearly 200 young women.  After brief introductory remarks, Valentine – Huru’s Field Coordinator and a driving …