Author: Mujeres Aliadas AC.


Mujeres Aliadas: Working for sexual and reproductive health in Mexico

This post was written by Dinora Ambriz and Ondine Rosenthal Sexual and reproductive health is a key issue to address in many communities and cities of México. Mujeres Aliadas,  a Mexican non-profit organization, works with more than forty communities located in the Lake Pátzcuaro area, in the state of Michoacán, to empower women through different programs of education and healthcare. As a result of a research study by epidemiologist Richard Ferguson in collaboration with Mujeres Aliadas that examined the health system in the area, the region was identified as one with very low levels of medical attention, especially concerning the sexual and reproductive health of women. In these communities exist unacceptable rates of maternal and child mortality and cervical cancer. Some women live years with common ailments, such as vaginal infections, that could be cured in weeks with appropriate medical attention. These problems are due to poor access to affordable, dignified and quality health care. For many, particularly the indigenous women, the cost of travel to a clinic, or even a small fee for care, …