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Crowdfund Health: Transforming Women’s Lives

Nyaya Health is honored to announce the launch of our first ever global campaign: Crowdfund Health. I wish this could be on the front page of the internet,” – Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit Where Nyaya Health works in Nepal, women face a 200-fold higher risk of death during birth versus U.S. women. This can be changed by providing women with safe-births, each costing only $349. And now, with the launch of people from all over the world are directly funding life-changing care for as little as $10. In partnership with the crowdfunding organization, Nyaya Health connects expecting mothers directly to people who invest in their antenatal & delivery care. Nyaya Health finds women who are in need of a safe birth, and with their permission tells their story online. People anywhere in the world can fund their care, and Nyaya Health does whatever it takes to provide a safe delivery for a mother and her child. I met Nyaya Health’s crowdfunding patients in Nepal. This model is working. And that’s no small success.” …

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C-section Success in Far Western Nepal

19-year old Moti Kala was diagnosed with placenta previa during her fourth antenatal check up at Bayalpata Hospital. The hospital, in Achham, Far Western Nepal, is run by Nyaya Health in partnership with the Nepal Ministry of Health and Population, serving a population of 250,000 people. Until recently, this diagnosis would have meant the Nyaya Health team would refer Moti Kala to a different facility hours away, because of a lack of surgical capacity. But thanks to some exciting progress, Bayalpata Hospital was able to open the doors of its surgical unit to Moti Kala after she spent hours making the trek from her home to our hospital on foot, and successfully performing its first ever c-section delivery. Moti Kala is only one of the many women in Achham who do not have access to the myriad of prenatal, neonatal, and maternal health care services readily available in the US. The infant mortality rate in Achham has always been very high due to this shortage, ranking within the 6th highest maternal mortality ratios globally. Since …

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Justice for Women: An Introduction to Nyaya Health

This post is by Shrima Pandey, Digital Marketing; Asmita Gauchan, Digital Marketing; Sarah Rasmussen, Development Assistant In 2006, filmmaker Roshani Andrews and her husband, Jason Andrews, traveled to Achham, Nepal hoping to document the effects of the HIV crisis. But what they witnessed there was more than just an epidemic; it was a total lack of a healthcare system — a devastating reality that the people of Achham faced daily. In the wake of a ten-year civil war, little infrastructure remained, which further isolated this community from the rest of the country. Jason and Roshani travelled over fifteen hours from the capital city of Kathmandu to this far-western district of Achham, where there are few opportunities beyond a life of hard labor in the fields. Achhami women are left with the burden of both working in the fields and providing for their families when their husbands migrate to India in masses seeking employment. With their families’ livelihoods depending on them, women are left with little time and resources to care for themselves. These women, and 260,000 …