Author: Stephanie Pasewaldt


Why Are Youth Voices Around the World So Valuable?

Insight for the article provided by Nick Oketch As a college student passionate about empowering youth and improving conditions in developing countries, I have thought about the ways and means to making a difference. I asked myself, “How can I, personally, make a difference to help create sustainable change?” I brainstormed about what areas needed the most attention. My thoughts and ideas grew out of information I had come across, articles read, conversations with people who worked in NGOs, and on my experiences from a volunteer trip to Tanzania two years ago. When Girl’s Globe launched their #YouthVoices campaign, I suddenly understood that I was not thinking about igniting change in the best, most efficient way possible. I was basing my ideas off of only my personal experiences and own education. I realized that even though I had great intentions, if I wanted to make positive change for youth around the world, I would be required to speak and engage with the youth directly. Who better to ask about changes for youth than the youth themselves? …