Author: VOICE4Girls


A Girl’s Voice Echoes

What does it mean to “empower” a girl? A more daunting question – how do we empower many girls? How do we make this empowerment sustainable, self-replicating? This has been a question we ask ourselves continually at VOICE 4 Girls, and one that we’re making a commitment to answer. VOICE 4 Girls was launched in 2011 as a summer camp for adolescent girls, aimed at giving them the life skills, critical knowledge, and spoken English they needed to advocate for themselves and their futures. Our curriculum includes topics like menstruation and puberty, education and career choices, and understanding and dealing with sexual violence, all taught in fun, engaging activities. VOICE believes, à la the Girl Effect, that these girls will then be positioned to create greater change in their communities – by staying in school, marrying later, having children later, being employed, and giving their children better opportunities that can help them break out of cyclical poverty. We’ve reached thousands of girls, and have seen wonderful results, especially in the confidence levels of our campers. Girls …