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Speak Out: A Million Women’s Voices

As we welcome in the new year, we also welcome a new family to the White House. On January 20th Donald Trump will be inaugurated the 45th President of the United States and it is scary. Throughout the campaign season and the weeks since the election, feminist communities around the nation have rallied together in a collective outcry against Donald Trump. In the past eighteen months we have seen him call women fat, ugly, pigs, dogs, losers, slobs, disgusting animals, and pieces of ass. We have seen him poke fun at menstruation and support lawmakers who want to take away our rights to our bodies. But we have not been silent. From blogs to Planned Parenthood donations, from art installations to painful conversations, we are building community. And for many Americans, that means joining the January 21st Women’s March on Washington where millions of women and allies will take to the streets in protest against the rhetoric of misogyny, homophobia, racism, and xenophobia perpetuated by our current President Elect. But what about the millions of …


Potato Salad or Global Public Health: Invest in Something that Matters

I sat with Derek Fetzer, Co-Founder and Team Leader of Caring Crowd in a quaint café in the Johnson & Johnson headquarters during their Global Citizen Summit. He told me about the significance of this new crowdfunding platform and the various ways young leaders in the health sector can become involved. After explaining the purpose of Caring Crowd, he pointed out that Johnson & Johnson is genuinely invested as a sponsor and truly values the needs and wellbeing of those they serve. During his thirty second shark-tank-style pitch, he – the multimillion dollar investor – explained to me why I should donate to a Caring Crowd project. Among some of those reasons were: We are sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Health workers are passionate about their involvement The sole focus is global public health  All projects are registered 501 © 3 The projects on the Caring Crowd platform highlight the power of people working together to ensure the wellbeing of others. In his interview he talked about the easy process for individuals to apply as well …


Men Must Be Part of the Solution – Sharing Realities from Uganda to the United States

By Priyanka Ghosh, Manager, Communications and Marketing, EngenderHealth The annual Social Good Summit is always an event I’d catch online, but this year was different because I had the opportunity to attend in-person, and it did not disappoint. One of the great sessions that I attended was the Social Good Master Class, which offered some great insight into the role of men and boys in family planning. The class is an opportunity for global bloggers and development practitioners to learn from thought leaders who “defied norms to make a difference.” The session was entitled “Family Planning: Not Just for Women” and focused on the need to engage men and boys as clients, partners, and agents of change to achieve global sexual and reproductive health goals and equality. Here are some highlights: Elman Nsinda, journalist, citizen activist, and member of the White Ribbon Alliance from Uganda, sparked the conversation by sharing a recent incident in Uganda when a man refused to pay a medical center 50,000 Ugandan shillings (around $20 USD) to help his wife, who …


Leveraging Social Media to Address the AIDS Epidemic

Yesterday, the Girls’ Globe team attended a session on how digital and social media champions are creating change around the world. The session covered practical ways that HIV/AIDS activists, thought leaders, people young and old can utilize social media to create more reach in their networks and work. Girls’ Globe blogger, Zanele Mabaso spoke with HIV/AIDS activist, Erica Woodland and Tommy Lobben, Manager of HIV and Digital Health Programs for Johnson & Johnson, after a #AIDS2016 session about the power of digital and social media to create change for those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Zanele asks them what they learned in the session as well as how they are using social media in their work. Watch the Video:  


Showcasing South Africa’s Top 5 Innovative Mobile Health Technology Solutions

Investing in innovation and technology is essential to transforming communities and enhancing the manner in which day-to-day activities are conducted and managed. Innovation in the health sector is vital, to ensure there are new and revised ways of tackling social determinants to health challenges. South Africa’s National Department of Health and Johnson and Johnson, in support, hosted a satellite session showcasing “South Africa’s Use of Innovative Technologies to Support HIV+ Clients through diagnosis and Retention of Care” at the 21st International AIDS Conference. Below are South Africa’s Top 5 game-changing innovative mobile health technology solutions responding to people living with HIV, through diagnosis and retention of care: 1. MomConnect, launched in 2014, is currently the largest network of it’s kind implemented by a national government. It responds to the challenge of maternal mortality, new-born deaths and child health; with the primary aim of providing pregnant mothers with information about their reproductive health, pregnancy, and nutrition knowledge to ensure every child born lives and every unborn child and it’s mother live healthy lives. MomConnect, is an interactive …

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Live Your Life and Love Your Body

I’ve noticed during the past year the body positive movement has been expanding across social media. The body positive movement is a feminist movement confirming that all bodies are good bodies. It serves as a reaction to what mainstream media considers to be an acceptable female body which overwhelmingly only represents the bodies of white, thin and straight women. The body positive movement aims to provide equal representation of marginalized bodies including the bodies of people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and non-traditionally thin body shapes. I doubt anyone hasn’t seen the wave of this movement in social media, which uses hashtags such as #myswimbody #beautybeyondsize, #bodypositive and #loveyourbody, where women of all shapes, sizes, heights and colors picture their own bodies as beautiful despite societal standards. The body positive movement has also recently reached the fashion industry in how Ashley Graham became the first plus size model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. During her appearance on The Ellen Show, she discusses recent milestones in her career and the impact she’s making toward increasing body representation in media. …


How Activists and Organizations are Using Social Media to Promote Family Planning

By Luke Nozicka and Jennifer Gonzalez / Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting When Imali Ngusale hosts social media discussions about sex and family planning, to inform people about subjects they are not exposed to at home or in school, she often uses numbers and codes to keep the conversation under wraps. “We do this because when it goes to social media … somebody may need to find out where they can get youth friendly services — and if their parents or relatives are following them, you want to make it discreet,” Ngusale said of the online chats, which usually consist of more than 100 curious youths who use Twitter to talk about reproductive health. “It is an innovative way to be discreet but also cool.” Ngusale, a 27-year-old social media strategist who works for the Centre for the Study of Adolescence in Nairobi, Kenya, said she has to do “some very good ground work” before each discussion, emailing people to inform them when conversations will occur and what code words will be used. “You can create meaning through different trends,” she said. Ngusale was …

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Breaking the Silicon Ceiling – an Interview with Audrey Eschright

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the lack of women in the technology field. Rightfully so. In a world where technology has become the backbone of many societies, women should be involved in the creation and development of the innovations revolutionizing our security, healthcare and finances, be high up in the companies that distribute them and be part of the social media sites we faithfully log into every day. The lack of diversity in technology is striking, and recognized from the media to the White House. Employee networks in technology, as one article writes, “can look like an old boy’s club.” Gradually, this is being called out and acted upon, in ways good and bad. Ellen Pao stands as a figurehead for the controversies surrounding the issue and last year’s GamerGate’s fiasco at SXSW showed passionate voices on both sides of the debate. On the ground, there are smaller, but equally powerful movements dedicated to helping women and girls break into the tech scene. One of the individual spearheading her own project is Audrey Eschright, from …