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Why I Stopped Combing My Hair

I have to say this, I don’t think I owe anyone an explanation about my rather unusual decision. Moreover, I am by no means imposing my views on other black women. I further declare that I do not represent anyone or any group of people in particular, this is me and it is my personal decision. I cut my hair short in the year 2014, and did a series of cuts then finally decided to start growing it natural. I only applied dye, just to have it colourful and not too boring. I also applied moisturising creams to keep it strong and healthy. My hair is curly, just as black hair should be. I used to comb my hair to have it look ‘neat’, but it would sadly break. The curls are so fine, every time I rubbed a comb, a lot of my hair would go out with it. The process of combing was painful. I then resorted to doing braids, putting on wigs and headwraps to protect my hair from breaking. Much of …


Girls’ Globe Twitter Chat: Women Deliver Recap

Storify by GirlsGlobe After the Women Deliver 2013 conference last week, Girls’ Globe hosted a Twitter Chat to recap the conference days. Here’s the discussion! Women Deliver@WomenDeliver @GirlsGlobe recap of #WD2013 begins now, join in with #WDrecap! Thu, May 30 2013 07:02:09 ReplyRetweetFavorite Question 1:  What do you hope will be the outcome of the Women Deliver 2013 conference? #WDRecap Justine S@jaybeestay @GirlsGlobe People taking their inspiration beyond the conference & taking action. It’s TIME! #WDrecap Thu, May 30 2013 07:08:52 ReplyRetweetFavorite Social Good Moms@socialgoodmoms @GirlsGlobe We hope that there were great collaborative opportunities for people to work together for child and maternal health. #WDRecap Thu, May 30 2013 07:18:47 ReplyRetweetFavorite camaro west@camarowest @GirlsGlobe Q:1 Increased collaboration as a result of all the new connections made. We can accomplish more together! #synergy #wdrecap Thu, May 30 2013 07:13:43 ReplyRetweetFavorite Julia Wiklander@jwklndr A1: I hope many new partnerships will be formed to enhance delivering for women and girls! #WDrecap #WDlive Thu, May 30 2013 07:13:06 ReplyRetweetFavorite Diane Fender@Diane_Fender @GirlsGlobe It is my hope that more youth voices would …