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Improving the Lives of Mothers and Babies in Tanzania

How much do you know about the availability and quality of maternal health care in Tanzania? This is your opportunity to learn more – and to share what you’ve learned with others! By increasing awareness about the issue of maternal and newborn health we can bring more attention – and, hopefully more resources – to this incredibly important issue. Girls’ Globe continues our Google+ Hangout series focused on learning more about how individuals and organizations are working to improve the lives of women and children around the world. In Tanzania, a lack of quality and available care, shortage of trained health care professional and insufficient resources, including facilities and equipment, results in inadequate pre- and postnatal care for expectant mothers. Currently, there are only 4-7 trained health workers or medical professionals to every 10,000 women in Tanzania. Too often, women and their families simply don’t have the option to give birth in a safe environment. Yesterday, we “sat down” with Abbey Kocan, the Executive Director of Kupona Foundation and Dr. Brenda M’bello from CCBRT to have …

Girls’ Globe chats with Femme International!

G irls’ Globe continues our health series to highlight the work being done to improve women’s, girls’ and adolescent health around the world. Yesterday, we spoke with Femme International‘s Co-Founder, Sabrina Rubli. Femme is one of our featured organizations and works to address unique health and safety needs among women and girls in East Africa. Femme believes all women deserve the opportunity to empower themselves through education and personal health. By providing females with innovative tools and knowledge, we hope to facilitate their ability to overcome gender-specific barriers. If you missed our conversation, you can watch the video below: Watch our inspiring hangout with Femme International!  

Girls’ Globe speaks with Tikhala Itaye!

We have launched an interview series with health professionals and youth advocates with the purpose to highlight the work they are doing to improve the lives of women, children and adoloscents around the world. Yesterday, Girls’ Globe’s Vice President, Diane Fender “sat down” with youth advocate Tikhala Itaye, Vice President of AfriYAN Namibia and Co-Founder of Her Liberty Namibia. Tikhala is a passionate leader and young person creating amazing change for young people and communities in Namibia. Did you miss the hangout? Watch it here:

#GGhangout: Let’s Respond to Women’s and Children’s Health in Crisis Situations

Women, girls and children are considered among the most vulnerable populations in the world. They experience some of the most extreme health risks every day and often live under constant risk, danger and in unsafe conditions. When a crisis or natural disaster occurs, women, girls and children face increased risks to their health and safety. The recent war in Syria, the Ebola outbreak in Africa and earthquake in Nepal are several examples of major crisis and natural disasters. Women, girls and children have been at the forefront of those affected by these situations. Yesterday, together with Save the Children, Edna Adan Hospital Foundation and Women LEAD Nepal, we hosted the #GGhangout: Let’s Respond to Women’s and Children’s Health in Crisis Situations. This Google+ Hangout engaged organizations and individuals improving the health and rights of women, girls and children affected by disaster and crisis situations. The conversation highlighted the importance of empowering locally led solutions through effectively working with midwives, health workers and community leaders. Both challenges and opportunities to improve health responses and outcomes for women and …

Calling on Youth to Improve Adolescent Health

The UN Secretary General’s renewed Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health, to be launched in September 2015, will be a roadmap for improving the health and well-being of women, children, and adolescents. The first Global Strategy, launched in 2010, galvanized the Every Woman Every Child movement and achieved significant progress in reducing preventable deaths. The Zero Draft of the updated Global Strategy was released earlier this month. Adolescent health is a focus area of the Global Strategy for the first time and we are calling on young people around the world to provide their input on adolescent health priorities. Yesterday, together with The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) we hosted the Calling on Youth Voices to Improve Adolescent Health Google+ Hangout to engage youth on their reflections of the UN’s Zero Draft. The panel was moderated by Girls’ Globe Blogger, Zanele Mabaso. Additional panelists included: Yemurai Nyoni, Founder and Advisor for Dot Youth Organization and former Women Deliver young leader and passionate activist for adolescent health. Tikhala Itaye, Founder of Her Liberty …

The Integration Hypothesis: Let’s Empower Women and Girls

The challenges women and girls experience around the world are interlinked and multi-dimensional. Addressing and developing effective solutions to empower women, girls and communities requires a coordinated global and local response. Last month, Girls’ Globe had the opportunity to be a part of FHI 360’s Integration Hypothesis event in New York City. The event gathered organizations, thought leaders and those working at a community level to discuss the importance of creating sustainable integrated solutions to effectively address issues such as education, violence against women, health and poverty. Creating successful and sustainable integrated development programs for women, girls and communities is not a new conversation. For years, development practitioners, advocates, governments, organizations and communities have sought to address global  issues through talking about the need for more integrated and holistic approaches. Last week, FHI 360 and Girls’ Globe hosted an interactive Google+ hangout to continue the conversation on the importance of integrated development for women and girls. The live discussion was a continuation of FHI 360’s Integration Hypothesis series. A diverse group of panelists took the “virtual stage” in what was an engaging and robust …

Youth Voices: The Importance of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

There is a movement stirring in the global community to build a new strategy to address maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health around the world. One of these mechanisms is the proposed Global Financing Facility (The GFF). The GFF in support of Every Woman Every Child aims to contribute to global efforts to improve the lives of women, children. With more resources effectively allocated towards innovative solutions and programs it is estimated that 4 million maternal deaths, 107 million child deaths and 22 million stillbirths can be prevented between 2015-2030 in over seventy countries. While significant progress has been made to improve the the health of women, children and adolescents, there is still more that needs to be done. Youth voices are vital to this global conversation. Young people around the world are already doing amazing work to empower communities and save lives. Often with little resources, youth are making an enormous impact in their communities. Samuel Kissi is one of these young leaders. As a core team member of the organization Curious Minds, Kissi works to ensure that …

Girls’ Globe speaks with Nick Kristof!

This morning Elisabeth Epstein and I had the privilege to speak with New York Times journalist, author and activist Nicholas Kristof in an interactive Google+ Hangout. In their new book, A Path Appears, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn highlight powerful stories of people who are making a difference. The book shares courageous stories from young people working to combat trafficking, illiteracy, poor education and a myriad of other issues around the world. During the Hangout, Nick shared the inspiration behind this new project as well as the lessons they have learned from years of investing in women, girls and international development. In this engaging Hangout, Nick answered questions from the virtual audience, those watching live and tweeting their questions using the hashtag #AskNick. Nick challenged young people to get involved with existing organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls around the world. Did you miss the G+ Hangout? Check out the Storify recap. Don’t miss all of our engaging 2014 UNGA week video interviews.

Speaking with Girls’ Globe Bloggers! – Part 2

Girls’ Globe is an amazing global network of young women who in various ways are dedicating their time and energy to strengthening the rights and health of women and girls. It is through individuals like these that change is made and we are thrilled to be growing into such a strong force for change by joining hands in the struggle to make the world a better place for women and girls. We want to continue to let their voices inspire you, not only through the great blog posts they write here, but through a new video interview series of short one-on-one Google+ Hangouts that you can watch and share. Camaro West, Canada (St. Kitts) Kara Brown, Scotland Esther Sharma, UK Marcia Banasko, UK Stay tuned to upcoming interviews each week with Girls’ Globe bloggers from around the world. You can see all of them here.