Girls’ Globe is partnering with several organizations, companies, networks and campaigns to strengthen our work to raise awareness and support the work to empower women and girls around the world. Please find our partners in the links below.

Featured Organizations – organizations that work to empower women and girls and share inspirational stories on our site.

Our Partners – partners that we work with to advance our common goals, to empower women and girls.


Does your organization work with the empowerment of women and girls in any way and want to become a part of our network? Please take our survey to be added to our database!




  1. Goodday! We are from CHARLES LOTO HEALTHCARE DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CLHDRO), a registered not-for-profit healthcare NGO by YOUTHS in Nigeria. CLDHRO is made up of over 150 young doctors and other youths from various professional fields.. The purposes of our organization are; *Implementation of programs to improve healthcare system and public health, enabling people to achieve good health in and outside Nigeria, *To provide education training services and technical assistance to improve performance of health personnel and health system, *To develop and operate model program of care including supported residential care for elderly people with disabilities and to develop and operate subsidized housing facilities, *To engage exclusively in scientific, charitable, educational, innovative and benevolent purposes,*Provision of leadership for the development and implementation of community –based program, aimed at improving child health, advocacy for child and maternal health.

    NOTE: Our principle of disease prevention is based on our understanding of the epidemiology of disease, including the medical and social factors that contribute to it…

    We focus more on children, women (esp.the girl child), the youth and the aged. We believe partnering with GIRLS’ GLOBE will help attain and achieve our mission on a very rapid and massive scale. It is our believe that since we both have and share same areas of interest which is a safe world for women, children and youths this partnership will be extremely beneficial.. Thank you and we wait in anticipation of your favourable disposition to us. Pls, for further information about us visit (

    Dr. Charles Loto (Chairman, BOT)

  2. Greetings

    We are My Sister’s Place a non-profit agency based in Haiti- We worked and rescued children who have been trafficked- we are looking to partner with agency such like yours- We look to engage in a conversation with you!

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  4. Bukola says

    I’m an individual;i dont have an organization yet;how can I be part of what you are doing probably as a volunteer.

    • Fungai says

      Iam an individual not subscribed to an organisation, iam very pleased your work on children, here in Zimbabwe children face a myraid of challenges among them early marriages due to cultural norms. How then i can offer myself as a volunteer and work your org.? Does your org operate in Zimbabwe?

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