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Photo by Sara Sultan under Creative Commons license.

Dancing with the Fighters

This is a guest blog post by Sabiha Ashraf, Pakistani painter and artist. The post has been modified since it was first published. This post has the goal to raise awareness of the current fundraising tour in USA of Pakistan’s National Health Forum, to raise funds for Koohi Goth Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. See more here. Sheema Kermani is a dancer. Shershah Syed is a doctor.  They are fighters from Pakistan. Both have waged a ceaseless crusade for decades in a country they cling to as home, despite threats against their lives. If you live in any of the 12 cities they have targeted in USA, you stand a good chance to meet them. The doctor and the dancer are amazingly alike in their crusade of social activism, aimed to create awareness in a society sickened by all the ills, which plague third world countries. Both Sheema and Dr Shershah Syed have won recognition at home and abroad for their achievements in their respective fields as they continue their war for women’s rights, which, as Sheema says, are human rights. Under the banner of a women empowering organization, Tehrik …