The Mom Pod

The Mom Pod is a bi-weekly podcast series about motherhood, babies and maternal health issues around the world produced by Girls’ Globe and led by Girls’ Globe bloggers Julia Wiklander and Emma Saloranta, who as recent mothers themselves are eager to explore the differences and similarities of motherhood and parenthood globally. The Mom Pod episodes will highlight a range of issues important to mothers, fathers and other caregivers and will include expert interviews, recent research, and candid discussions with families about their personal experiences in different parts of the world. The goal of The Mom Pod is to raise awareness about issues relevant to mothers globally, bringing together research, data, hot topics in the media and personal stories and experiences with a global perspective.

You can find all episodes here, on Soundcloud and on iTunes.

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Do you have a question related to pregnancy, childbirth, maternal health, parenting, or babies that you would like an expert to answer? Or do you have a comment or feedback for us? Click here to record your question or comment. Recordings may be included in upcoming podcast episodes, please state if you would like your name included or if you would like to stay anonymous – we would also love to know where you are from. You can also submit a question or comment through the form below.

Sponsor or Donate to The Mom Pod

We are currently looking for sponsors of The Mom Pod and provide our partners with a range of benefits. Are you interested in sponsoring The Mom Pod? Please send us an email to Are you a listener who loves what we do? Help us continue these important episodes by donating, either a one-time sum, or become a monthly contributor.  Thank you for your support!




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