#YouthVoices – Our Priorities For Global Goals

Youth voices are central to the global conversation on improving the health and well-being of women and girls around the world. Young people around the world are often utilizing limited resources while creating incredible outcomes to improve the health and rights of women, children and adolescents. As the youth movement for global change continues to grow, we need to amplify their voices and inspire others to become a part of the movement, discussion and solutions.

Launching on International Youth Day and running throughout August, join our interactive campaign to amplify youth voices!



Engage youth in your network to join the #YouthVoices campaign with these simple steps.


Use a smartphone/tablet/camera to record a 15-second video answering these 2 questions:

  • What do you think needs to be prioritized in the next set of global goals?
  • How can youth be leaders of change in the next 15 years?

TIP: Make sure you have good lighting, that your face is clear and visible and be creative – use friends, a fun background or props to make your video engaging!


Publish your video to your (or your organization’s) Instagram account and tag your video with the hashtag #YouthVoices. If you don’t have Instagram or want help, send your video to info@girlsglobe.org and we will publish your video on the @GirlsGlobe Instagram account. Campaign videos may be reposted on the @GirlsGlobe account and featured in blog posts on girlsglobe.org.

#YouthVoices Live Talks

Throughout August Girls’ Globe will host live talks on Periscope with young women speakers covering current issues related to women’s and girls’ rights and health, as well as, summaries of our campaign.

On International Youth Day, Julia Wiklander, Founder and President of Girls’ Globe will introduce the campaign Live on Periscope at 8:30am ET.

Follow @girlsglobe on Twitter and Periscope!

Campaign dates: 12 August 2015 – 31 August 2015


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