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Full Recap of Family Planning +SocialGood

Photo Credit: Abate Damte

Girls’ Globe team members Elisabeth, Justine and Diane, ICFJ journalists Cece and Elsabet, and Girls’ Globe founder Julia. Photo Credit: Abate Damte

Running up to the International Conference on Family Planning 2013, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, FHI 360Packard Foundation and UN Foundation hosted a +SocialGood event to discuss how technology and innovation are enabling the global development community to advance family planning goals and commitments.

It was a lively discussion ranging from the role of mobile technology in improving sexual and reproductive health services, to the importance of engaging youth and holding leaders accountable. I was honored to facilitate the discussion and Girls’ Globe members were a part of the exciting media panel discussing the intersection and role of traditional and new media!

The event was filmed, so that you can join the discussion and share your thoughts. Above is the full two-hour event and below is the media panel.

We want to continue the coversation online from around the world. Tweet your thoughts using #familyplanning and #socialgood to @GirlsGlobe on Twitter.

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